News From: Nashville’s G-Scale Railway Club

Nashville’s G-Scale Railway Club has recently relocated its model train show to 100_Oaks_Malla newly-opened “make believe” depot at 100 Oaks Shopping Center, where various trains are running on schedule every Sat-Sun from Noon to 5pm. Admission is free.

Built by individual members of the Railway Club, every unit is designed as a mini-model version of an actual railroad system. “Each module is created in ‘G’ scale,” explains club founder Dennis Carney, which means that each half-inch (scale) is equal to one foot, and all trains are painstakingly produced to exact measurements.”

mc_expressSprawled out over 4500 square feet of space, the current train show offers a panoramic view of roadside scenery ranging all the way from an elaborate replica of Tennessee’s State Fair to the scary scene of an unfortunate train wreck.

Also scattered throughout the lifelike settings are numerous villages, valleys, mountains, trees, livestock, landmark buildings, etc. — all of them with distinct details — amidst an array of little plastic people!

snowsceneOver 1200 feet of track provides the imaginary routes for this railroad operation, which is complete with trestles, tunnels, lakes, and a 48 -foot freight yard, plus plenty of SOUND EFFECTS!

An entertaining show for the entire family, all youngsters are bound to enjoy “Thomas the Tank” and other cartoon engines running at pint size eye level, while the older kids (adults!) will be fascinated by the modern-day diesel and steam locomotives from the forties and fifties era.

bridgeOriginated in 1990, the Nashville G-Scale Railway Club is a non-profit organization that makes this unique train show available to the public free of charge. However, donations are accepted and will go to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Middle Tennessee.

Now in its new home, the NGRC model train show is located directly in front of the second floor escalator at 100 Oaks Shopping Center. Enter at street level, between Comp/USA and Michael’s. Open every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


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